Stop Animal Cruelty Now!

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This needs to stop!

Right now, there are animals across WA suffering terrible abuse, neglect and cruelty. Some of them may even be in your neighbourhood.

Banjo (pictured above) was one of those animals. He was so skinny when Inspector Kylie found him.

But he was the lucky one. In a barren paddock with no grass to eat, Banjo was tethered closely to a tree. Ellie, a mare, lay dead – her legs tangled in a fence.

And Lucy, a foal, lay nearby, in very poor condition. And all this happened just metres from the owner’s front door.

Yet they did nothing.

Banjo - pic 1 Lucy - pic 2

When Inspector Kylie first saw Banjo and Lucy, she knew she had to act quickly. Banjo’s ribs, hips and spine were clearly visible. Lucy, the foal, was in such bad condition, she couldn’t stand up.

A vet came as soon as he could. Lucy’s condition was so bad, she sadly couldn’t be saved. But there was still hope for Banjo.

This is why animals like Banjo need you. They need caring West Australians to be there for them when they have nowhere else to turn.

Because this needs to STOP!

Please donate today to rescue more animals like Banjo from these awful situations, and give them the love and care they desperately need.


Please help the RSPCA rescue more animals in and around your neighbourhood.
Every dollar of your help will make a difference. Thank you!


Donation Option 1

to buy equipment RSPCA Inspectors need

Donation Option 2

for an urgent veterinary examination

Donation Option 3

to provide safe shelter and rehabilitation

Or call 9209 9311 now

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